Pronect acquires Plamako and Plamex  

Pronect AB announces the acquisition of Plamako i Anderstorp AB and Plamex Automation AB.

Plamako is a supplier of injection molding machines, robots, and related peripherals, while Plamex provides advanced automation solutions to the manufacturing industry. With their unique technical skills and world-leading suppliers, they strengthen their customers’ future competitiveness.

From left: Claes Sturesson, Jörgen Fredsson, Christer Sturesson and Bernt Björkman

The Nordic industry is experiencing substantial development, and the evolving trends in localization signal a need for additional investments. The polymer industry is no exception and the need for sustainable plastic production, together with a higher share of advanced automation solutions, is becoming increasingly important.

Plamex AB CEO Bernt Björkman emphasizes the importance of additional investments in manufacturing automation:

”Together with Pronect, we create new opportunities to develop more efficient and advanced automation solutions, strengthening our market position. We also see potential collaborations with other Pronect companies.”

Jörgen Fredsson, CEO of Pronect, says the following about recent acquisitions:

“The manufacturing landscape is rapidly evolving, and we must adapt to new trends while meeting the demand for future investments and technical skills driven by efficiency, automation, and sustainability. Plamako and Plamex share Pronect’s ambitions to build a strong platform for leading suppliers to the manufacturing industry, which we want to further develop together.”

Christer Sturesson, CEO of Plamako, adds:

“In partnership with Pronect we can expand our solutions to our customers and together we and our employees can create a more sustainable development of the plastics industry.”

With the acquisitions, Pronect enters new sectors within the Nordic manufacturing industry, creating further opportunities for long-term development and expansion.


About Plamako
Plamako is a full-service supplier of injection molding equipment with the main supplier Haitian Group. With its broad expertise, Plamako offers technical solutions together with associated service, peripheral equipment, and spare parts. Plamako operates in Sweden, Norway and Denmark with headquarters and technical center in Anderstorp.

About Plamex
Plamex, based in Anderstorp, delivers automation solutions for the manufacturing industry in partnership with ABB Robotics. Plamex’s core competence is automation for the plastics and rubber processing industry. With their guiding principles of flexibility and the right technical solution, they deliver customized solutions based on customers’ unique requirements.

About Pronect
Pronect owns, develops, and acquires technical resellers with leading suppliers that have high technical competence and growth potential. The companies in the Pronect group provide the manufacturing industry with technology, machinery, equipment, tools, software, and expertise. With responsible ownership and a sustainable strategy, Pronect drives the industry forward. Pronect is part of the family owned Liljedahl Group with headquarters in Värnamo, Sweden.


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